Ella Hawkins, Ph.D, Historian and Cookie Artist

ā€‹Ella Hawkins is a published scholar in Shakespearean studies, having written the definitive work on Elizabethan costuming in Shakespearean performances this century. She's also a masterful artist who prefers to work on cookies. Hawkins paints shortbread cookies with frosting to resemble famous printed and handwritten pages. This one, for example, shows the first page for "The Tempest" when it appeared in the First Folio.

Here are an assortment of business cards from the Eighteenth Century.

This is the famous Inverted Jenny stamp from 1918. A rare set of only 100 stamps were accidentally printed upside down, making this one of the most valuable stamps sought by collectors.

I'm especially fond of these blue cookies that are painted to resemble the famous porcelain of Delft, the Netherlands.

You can view more of Hawkins's work on Instagram.

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