Dripping Paintings by Dolaana DavaáDolaana Davaá hails from Milan, the home of Caravaggio. She’s steeped in artistic traditions of old and this is apparent in her work, which makes heavy use of these Old Masters. But she has an original and rather surreal take on them. Davaá recreates iconic paintings, such as the above Ophelia by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais.
The World Nature Photography Awards 2024​Tracey Lund snapped the image above of two gannets diving for a fish while on vacation in Shetland. She had a camera with waterproof housing on a stick, and lowered it into the water just as a flock of gannets arrived to find lunch. Lund took 1800 pictures that day, but only two were usable, and this one was named the winner in the Bird Behavior category of the World Nature Photography Awards. Then it won the overall competition, making Lund the World Nature Photographer of the Year. The World Nature Photography Awards received thousands of entries, and awarded gold, silver, and bronze prizes in 14 categories. Some of the winning photographs are being sold in the contest's shop. For every artwork purchased, the organization will plant a tree. They've already planted one for each photograph entered into the contest! See all the stunning winners in each category at the contest site. -via My Modern Met ​
Altered Moments: The Second Lives of Precious Moments FigurinesIt's become a hobby, a challenge, and a cottage industry of sorts to take Precious Moments figurines, which were so ubiquitous in the 1980s and '90s, and make them into something else. Many find pleasure in making them into something creepy, bloody, or even sacrilegious in opposition to their cute appearance and innocent poses. Chica & Jo are masters of the art, although they aren't trying to make these figures into the opposite of what they were. Chica uses them as a base for something completely new. Check out this video and see if you can guess where it is going.
Tsukimi Ayano's Village of Dolls(Image credit: hermitvoita)Nagoro is a village on Shikoku Island in japan that has about two dozen human residents, and 300 residents made of fabric stuffed with straw and newspaper. These are called kakashi, which means scarecrow, but these life-size dolls are works of art. They each have a name and a backstory. And they were all hand-crafted by Tsukimi Ayano.
The Mona Lisa Gets Fan MailThe Louvre has a mail slot near the display of Leonardo da Vinci's 1503 portrait titled Mona Lisa. That's where you can deposit mail for the painting itself! No one knows for sure when the mail box was installed, but it goes back to the 19th century. And yes, people write letters to the painting. Some of the letters are directed to the artist, some to Lisa Gherardini, the subject of the painting, and some to the Louvre, and all are saved in the Louvre's extensive archives. The biggest portion of these letters are fan mail, complimenting da Vinci on his work and expressing how it affected them. But Gherardini receives compliments, love letters, and the occasional marriage proposal, despite the fact that she's been dead for hundreds of years. People also ask questions of da Vinci, which he could probably answer if he were still available. You can write to the painting as well, with an address found in an article about the mail slot at ArtNet. -via Metafilter​(Image credit: Akifukami) 
Marine Life BagsThe Twitter account @kabababaan represents a Japanese online store that makes adorably cute and functional bags that look like sea life. This design, which gives the bag a squid-like appearance, is getting a lot of attention on the internet today.