Loving Boyfriend Makes His Girlfriend a Pillow Decorated with His Own Chest Hair

ā€‹Reilly Fitzsimmons is an artist in the Boston area who makes extraordinary crafts, often as gifts for his girlfriend. They include this romantic throw pillow which he decorated with his own chest hair. It's a beautiful expression of the courtly love traditions of a bygone era. Young people, take note: this is how you woo a woman.

Many of Fitzsimmons art projects are repurposing projects making use of unconventional materials, such as this racy lingerie set made with dryer sheets. Don't just throw them away after a dryer load!

Many of his artworks are gifts for his girlfriend, who is clearly a lucky woman to have such a fervent lover. These include a toilet seat warmer made of Fitzsimmons's own leg hair, slippers with lit candles for nighttime navigation, high heeled shoes with built-in condiment dispensers, and shorts with pockets that are several feet long.

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