Paa Joe's Ghanian Coffins

Ghana has become famous for its unique artistic traditions with blend the world outside of the nation with local norms. These include some pretty wild hand-painted movie posters which have become an internet sensation. Ghanian artists are also prominent internationally for their vividly original custom coffins.

ā€‹Paa Joe, who is pictured above next to one of his works, is a master of that tradition. He can make a hyperrealistic coffin of anything you want, such as this bottle of cough medicine.

The Superhouse gallery in New York City is currently hosting an exhibition of his works through April 27.

Paa Joe's exhibit is tailored for New York audiences. The selected pieces focus on features of each of the five boroughs, perhaps all of which are united by the iconic yellow taxi.

-via Kottkeā€‹

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