Yuho Tanaka's Butterfly Graphics

Kyoto artist Yuho Tanaka (田中幽峰) came to prominence during Meiji era (1868-1912), when Japan opened up to foreign trade after two hundred years of isolationism. Tanaka's designs in the late 1800s leaned heavily toward butterflies, which lend themselves to a rich use of color. The Japanese motifs are influenced by western Art Nouveau, creating a delicate yet colorful kind of fusion art that still resonates.

Tanaka's graphic butterfly patterns were compiled into the book One Hundred Butterfly Designs. This art can be yours. Japan’s National Diet Library has released Tanaka's butterfly art into the public domain. You can see and download 34 of them here. 

I swore off wallpaper years ago, but if I knew someone with the capability to print Tanaka's designs in that format, I would get my ladder and scissors out today. -via Nag on the Lake 

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