Marine Life Bags

The Twitter account @kabababaan represents a Japanese online store that makes adorably cute and functional bags that look like sea life. This design, which gives the bag a squid-like appearance, is getting a lot of attention on the internet today.

But I might prefer this anglerfish. There's something about the lure that makes me want to reach inside and find goodies within.

This poky starfish looks like an anime version of the critter. The ears, although biologically inaccurate, are a nice touch.

I think that this one is a shark, although its jaws are sealed shut for safety reasons.

Here's a killer whale that can hide the accessories that you use to conquer the workplace.

I'm not sure, but I think that this bag is a tuna.

The backside is especially cute and apropos, given that the spine of the fish rests against the user's own spine.

-via Super Punchā€‹

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